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My Life Flows On

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9. My life flows on
"Hymnal: A Worship Book" #580
Text & Tune: Robert Lowry, "Bright Jewels for the Sunday School", 1869, alt.

Daryl: guitar, voice
Frances: violin, voice
Nathan: cello, voice

Also known as “How Can I Keep From Singing?”, “My Life Flows On” is attributed to Baptist minister Robert Lowry and became popular in Quaker communities. The origin of the text is uncertain. It portrays a determined resilience found in singing through adversity. The hymn is often sung rubato, with a varying tempo directed by the song leader. We have lent the tune a steady 3/4 beat and common stringed instruments, fitting for a porch swing on a summer night.

Frances: I wanted to include this song in our project because it has been an anchor in our family. We sang it in the last four months of my father’s life, through his illness, at his death and afterwards. I’ve sung it through many years of change. Now it is my four-year-old son’s favorite song.