From the recording Wozo – Songs of Resilience

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Let Your Worries

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2. Let your worries – Daryl Snider

Let your worries fear themselves.
You can see things as from space.
Nothing is so real as the now.

Let your heartbeat slow, listen to the snow.
Fields are never fallow, you know.
Leaves come (tender & green)
and go (brittle & brown).
O the wind may blow, driving God who knows.
The new shakes trees,
and ripe nuts fall near roots.
The storm will pass and nourish green shoots.

Let your worries hear themselves...

O fly those winds.
Let them lift you above the noise.
Pass through dark night, its eerie poise.
Go ahead & howl at the moon.
Bring your deepest night into the glorious light.
The sun's rising will chase away the gloom.
The smiling sun slowly wakes the sight.

Let your worries know themselves...

Hear the silence, feel the stillness.
Peace comes in the dawn of the new.
Clear your head, get out of bed.
Go & play like a child of the wilderness.
Fear not, we are with you, you are enough.
You are whole when you are empty,
you are whole.

Let your worries calm themselves...