From the recording Wozo – Songs of Resilience

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Hole in Her Heart

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3. Hole in her heart – Daryl Snider

She loses her love of these 48 years
to disease of the blood, after plenty of tears.
Her closest companion and dearest of friends,
they cherished and held one another through fears.

Now she's lonely and struggling just to hang on,
to grieve and accept that he truly is gone,
to tackle the work that two used to do,
to make sense of what really has got to be done.

There's a hole in her heart that can never be knit;
there's a hole in her life where he used to fit.
Now she's trying to keep her soul flame a-lit,
but her wick is still wet with her tears.

Not even the love of ten thousand good friends
eases pain she now feels just may never end,
and she can't intellectualize it away,
because Mourning is a Journey of Spirit to Mend.

Warm your soul's wick dear woman by the fire of life.
Lay it out on the hearth with the mittens and scarf.
Feel your heart beat and know that love flows in your veins.
Know the world turns and seasons continue to change.
See the dear ones still with you, the babies newborn.
Rest well, comes tomorrow the sun of the Mourn.

Some day she may wake to a whole new sunrise.
The colors on her palette will once again shine.
She'll get a new wineskin and communion's new wine,
and a peace past all understanding she'll find.

But there's still a hole in her heart
that can never be knit,
still a hole in her life where he used to fit,
yet her soul flame still shines, and spirits still flit.

We’ll cherish those memories,
even while we get new ones.
It all helps the pain ease
with the passing of years/tears.