1. Glimmer of Sun

From the recording Wozo – Songs of Resilience

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Glimmer of Sun

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4. Glimmer of sun – Frances Crowhill Miller

One of these mornings we shall rise,
and the clouds will have broken.
A glimmer of sun shines through your eyes,
and the soft earth has spoken.
Feel the mud between your toes,
with a sigh, you are open.
Kiss the morning sunlight
and this path you have chosen.

When you were young, you built you a sail
to catch life's winds a-blowin'.
Pulled up the anchor,
pushed off from the shore.
You were off a-roaming.
But the winds turned cruel & made you a fool,
and now you feel mistaken.
Held by the threads of a tattered sail,
a dream that wind has taken.

Something left you, something near,
gone far away.
A sad eye, an empty tear,
caught in the pieces of yesterday.
This tattered sail has become your veil,
a shroud you won't let go of.
Peering at life through a tangle of threads
of all you've lost and loved.

Stories of the sea abound.
You've been looking for the ground.
Waves will always be up and down,
tired of tossing around.
A sail could carry you far away,
but your eyes are asking me how do I stay?