From the recording Wozo – Songs of Resilience

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Ready for the Rain

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6. Ready for the rain – Daryl Snider

I almost cannot believe
what you did to me.
When I was just a boy
like I was just a toy.
At first I didn't know
what had happened, and so
even though it felt so wrong
I couldn't find a voice for song.

I am a living, breathing,
feeling human being.
I even feel for you,
now that time has lessened pain.
Pity is the best I find
for your sorry state of mind.
Now I need to know your story,
and I'm ready for the rain.

Then it happened once again.
I almost cried out then.
And now I wish I had,
but my mother would've been so sad.

For years I kept it hidden,
even from myself.
The tears in silence didn't
even make it to the shelf.

Alone I bore the shame
not to sully the family name.
I did not want to cause a blow up,
so I declined to show up.
Now I'm tired of this game we play,
and though I don't know what to say,
I surely hope it's not too late
to keep others from this fate.