1. We are Wozo

From the recording Wozo – Songs of Resilience

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We are Wozo

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10. We are Wozo – Daryl Snider
Poem by "Amazoulou" Jhimy St. Louis

Before the eyes of the sun, we all unite.
Great wind and rain,
tornadoes may ransack us,
but we are Wozo.

At the end of the day, a poem.
Resilience stands out proud.
In the four facets of life, it is we.
We are Wozo, we will never break.

Life is a journey that has no end.
Each day a story comes to life.
Each living creature is a marvel.
The tongue of this poem has no bones.

I walk in the daytime, I walk at night,
But just outside my door,
Heaven's shadow looms.
God asking why?

There are no words, no eloquence,
Just my two eyes that are watching.
The poem bids farewell, never forget:
We are Wozo, we are Wozo!